Cold rooms

A cold room is a food storage room, where a temperature below the ambient temperature is maintained. Depending on requirements, KAMILA offers you various models and types:


A cold storage room
ideal for products that are already pre-cooled. The temperature is constant, and generally above 0°C.
A freezer compartment for frozen products
whose temperature is below 0°C. Ideal for already frozen products.
Pre-cooling chamber
ideal for the rapid cooling of products that will be stored in freezers.
Portable cold room
manufactured in specialised plants, consisting of one or more pieces.
Cold room with controlled atmosphere
in which the preservation of the products is entrusted both to the low temperature and to the controlled atmosphere inside of the room.

There are also cold stores. A complex of cold rooms or even a single room large enough to cover the entire area of the building, with all the associated services. With our help you will be able to find the ideal solution that best meets your needs.


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