Guaranteed service

With the turnkey plant and renovation service, we ensure something simple: the security of having a controlled management by qualified personnel who will handle the whole process at a very low cost.

The main characteristic of the turnkey renovation is having us as the sole counterpart: we follow every single step of the project, managing every aspect so that the client is not burdened with calling several different professionals thus running the risk of not finding qualified staff.


To embrace the challenges of competition and change and to better meet customers’ needs.


Crucial in our business activities is the strict adherence to pre-defined deadlines.


Our aim is to be able to streamline production processes, identify and manufacture products that are highly innovative in terms of technology and environmental sustainability.


Managing to combine different expertises and experiences to deliver the best possible result for the client.

wide range of products and technologies

wide range
of products and technologies

KAMILA has a wide range of products and technologies to ensure energy efficiency and savings. Besides designing new systems, KAMILA also provides assistance on already existing systems.

Bayond designing new systems, we also provide assistance on existing systems.


Tell us about your project and what you would like to achieve! We are at your complete disposal for a non-binding consultation.